Friday, April 9, 2010

Prophetic Times to the End - Daniel - Part 16

End Times – Daniel 12, pt 1

Prophetic Times to the End

God’s Last Message to Daniel

Dan. 12:1 Gabriel tells Daniel that, at the “times of the end” Michael, the great prince who stands guard over the sons of Daniels people, he Michael will arise. Here we see Gabriel is consoling Daniel as Daniel is concerned about his Daniel, as Daniel is concerned about his people’s destiny. Gabriel has revealed two facts to Daniel; first, the people of Israel will be delivered by the intervention of Michael the angelic prince who is Israel’s defender. In the Great Tribulation (the last 3 ad ½ years of the tribulation0 Satan will attempt to exterminate every descendant of Abraham [Ref. Rev. 12:150. Satan’s attack against the people of the kingdom will be part of Satan’s effort to prevent the return and reign of Christ. The deliverance of Israel, Daniels “people,” refers not to salvation, though a remnant will be saved, but rather to a national deliverance from subjugation to the Gentile [Ref. Rom. 11:26 “all Israel will be saved].”

For we see that Daniel is told that, at that time your “people,” everyone found written in the book [Ref. Rev. 20:11-15) will be rescued. This refers to the Great White Throne judgment at the end of the Millennial Kingdom.

Dan. 12:2 Gabriel is now explaining the second fact to Daniel about the coming resurrections in the future time of the end.” Gabriel goes on to say that, many of those who sleep in the dust of the ground will awake, (this resurrection concerns only Jews and is selective; not all, but “many”) these in the book to everlasting life, but the others not found in the book to disgrace and everlasting contempt, (lake of fire). Jews, however, who believe the Messiah has been resurrected bodily (these are those who have lost their lives in standing firm on God’s Word during the times before the Church age, Old Testament saints and those who are killed during the Tribulation Period, also are included in this resurrection [Ref. Mt. 24:21; Psa. 2:5; Rev. 7:14]. The Church Age believers will be resurrected and translated (caught up) before the tribulation period begins [Ref. 1Thes. 4:16-18; 1Cor. 15:51-58].

Dan. 12:3 Gabriel explains that the wise ones who believe the Messiah will shine like the brightness of the heavens as being glorified in the kingdom. God the Father will remember His covenant and will fulfill all He promised to Israel (in spite of her sufferings at the hands of the Gentiles) this will be a consolation that leads the ones with insight to lead others to righteousness. No righteousness of God’s people ever goes unrewarded so those who are faithful under persecution will shine like the stars forever and ever. So we see from Gabriel that believers martyred in the Tribulation (which will occur at the second advent of Christ [Ref. Rev. 20:4], “they came to life and reigned with Christ 1,000 years”) will receive the reward of being glorified to reign with Christ in the 1,000 year Millennial Kingdom. Those who reject the Messiah, however, will be resurrected to “everlasting contempt” and torment at the end of the 1,000 year reign of Christ [Ref. Rev. 20:5; John 5:28-29]. What we need to learn from Gabriel and Daniel here is that all people whether believers or unbelievers, that from the time of Adam till the last human that is born (at the “end of earthly time) are in God the Father’s plan and never die. The body sleeps in the dust of the ground and the soul goes to be with God in heaven. At the appointed time of the resurrections the body will be called and changed to a glorified body (for believers) and meet the soul in the presence of God to reign with God through out eternity. The same for the unbeliever except that the body is called out of its rest at the end of the 1,000 year reign [Ref. Rev. 20:5-6] is judged at the Great White Throne Judgment for unbelief in the Son, for god the Father has commanded that “all” believe in the son [Ref. John 3:36; 3:15-16]. The unbelievers are judged by Christ and cast into the lake that burns with fire and brimstone which is the “second death’ [Ref. Rev. 20:11-15; Rev. 21:8]. What this is telling us is that the unbelieving in this state of existence are not dead just living in eternity apart from God forever, the existence is a state where they see and or hear what is about them but cannot fellowship with what is about them. For their torment is of being able to see or and hear but not able to interact just exist in that state for all eternity alone, alone, alone!!

Dan. 12:4 Gabriel expresses to Daniel here God’s last message to him, that Daniel is to conceal these words and seal up the book until the “end of time” comes; for Daniel and us by these scriptures the “end of time” begins with the violation by “the prince who is to come” [i.e. the little horn, “man of lawlessness,” “beast”) with his covenant with the Jews for the restoration of the temple and sacrifice [Ref. Dan. 9:27]; 11:36-38; Mt. 24:15; 2 Thess. 2:4; Rev. 13: 4-6], and ends with his destruction by the appearing of the Lord in Glory [Ref. 2Thess.2:8; Rev. 19:19-20]. The duration of the “end time” is three and one-half years, coinciding with the last half of the seventieth week of Daniel [Ref. Dan. 7:25; 12:7; Rev. 13:5]. Also note that this “end time” is known as “time of Jacob’s distress” [Ref. Jer. 30:7]; “a time of distress such as never occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever shall” [Ref. Mt. 24:21]. Gabriel also gives us a clue as to two functions of life for many people that will be prevalent about society at the “time of the end,” we see that Gabriel expresses to Daniel and to us that many will go back and forth. There are many people at this time and will even increase as the days continue, that, for example will wake up in Los Angeles have breakfast and then travel to Japan and have dinner after an evening business meeting. We see occurrences of the news media sending people to far reaching areas to report on events happening around the world, to report what happens in the same day of the occurrence. Gabriel also tells Daniel and us, that, knowledge will be of an ever increasing media for mankind. We see this with the ever increasing ability of the internet, satellite broadcasting for both media and communications, at the present there is not much of a chance for someone to have a question about something that a person could not find the answer for in a few seconds of time on the internet or other media available to us.

Dan. 12:5 Daniel expresses, that, in his vision he sees two others standing, one on this bank of the river and the other on that bank of the river. Daniel is still by the Tigris River. [Ref. Dan. 10:5-6] as his vision is coming to a close.

Dan. 12:6 Daniel says that one of the angels (angelic watchers) said to the angel who was dressed in fine linen who was positioned in the air above the waters of the river. How long will it be until the end of these wonders? [Ref. Mark 13:1-27; Mt. 24:1-31].