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Prophetic Times To The End - Part Nine

Dan. 9:19 Daniel’s prayer continues, he says, hear and forgive, listen and take action, Lord God for your sake, Heavenly Father, do not delay, because your city and your people are called by your name have compassion on us.

Dan. 9:20 Daniel tells us while he was speaking and praying, confessing his sins and the sins of the people of Israel, Daniel was presenting prayer and supplications before the Lord God on behalf of God’s Holy temple, Gods dwelling place among His people.

Dan. 9:21 Daniel tells us that while he was speaking in prayer, (this verse confirms the fact that the angel Gabriel provided the explanations of the dreams in Chapter 7 of the book of Daniel), that Gabriel came to him in his weariness of the extensive prayer and supplication Daniel was petitioning before God the Father. Daniel goes on to say it was about the time for the evening offering, when,

Dan. 9:22 Daniel says, that Gabriel gave him instructions, and had conversation with him. Gabriel said, “O Daniel”, I have come to tell you to give you insight and understanding.

Dan. 9:23 Daniel says, that Gabriel explained that God the Fathers command was issued at the beginning of Daniels supplications. Gabriel tells Daniel that he “Daniel” is highly esteemed, for Daniel should give heed to this message and gain understanding of the vision given to Daniel by God the Father.

Dan. 9:24 Gabriel tells Daniel that seventy weeks have been decreed for your people and your holy city, to finish the transgression, to make an end of sin (Ref. Ex.29:33) (That which makes atonement for sin), to make for everlasting righteousness, (when the time of transgression is finished) to seal up vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most holy places. (All of which Daniels prayers and petitions to God the Father have been).

Dan. 9:25 Gabriel says to Daniel, that, Daniel is to know and discern that from the issuing of a decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem (Ref. Neh.2) (Is the only mention or decree in scripture authorizing the rebuilding of the city, this decree was issued in the twentieth year of King Artaxerxes in 445 B.C.), until Messiah the Prince there will be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks; (from the date 445 B.C. as a beginning, the first sixty-nine weeks reach to “Messiah the Prince”). (Reference to Jesus Christ first advent) The city will be built again, with plaza and moat, even in “times of distress”. (Refers to the tribulation period)

Dan. 9:26 Gabriel tells Daniel, that, then after sixty-two weeks of time the Messiah will be cut off and have nothing, (Christ’s first advent will be “cut off” and will not obtain any of His regal glory ( Refers to the fact that Christ the Messiah of Israel will be rejected by the people and His kingdom will be established during the Millennial period ), at this time secondly the rebuilt city and sanctuary will again be destroyed “by the people” of the “prince who is to come” will accomplish this destruction in 70 A.D. The “prince who is to come” is the little horn who will arise out of the ten nations of the revived Roman Empire at a future time even from this writing. Gabriel tells Daniel that the end will come with completeness but that until the end comes there will be wars, and desolations determined through this period of time down through to the end of the ages of what is called the end of the “times of the Gentiles.”

Dan. 9:27 Gabriel tells Daniel, that, the beast will make a firm and absolute covenant with the nation Israel for one week, (this one week is the seventieth week, the last week of Daniels prophecy and the end of the reign of the Gentiles), but in the middle of the week the beast will put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering; (remember our time, times, and a half time from vs. 25 of the seventh chapter of Daniel which=three and one half years. Daniel is being told that in the middle of this time period of the seventieth week the beast will break his covenant with Israel, and forcible interruptions of the Jewish ritual of worship by the roman prince, the anti-christ. He will introduce “abominations” that render God’s sanctuary desolate. Gabriel goes on to say after the beast makes all things completely desolate, even until a complete destruction, (this refers to the entire levitiacal system, which tells us that Israel will have restored that system in the first half of the seventieth week, which also should tell us that the “Church” must have been “caught up” at the time of the “End of the Gentiles”). [Ref. 1Thess. 4:17; 1Cor. 15:51-53]. For the beast is now “passing off” as the world’s rightful king, god, and Israel’s prince of peace, who will then turn against Israel and become her destroyer and defiler. This also tells us that the seventieth week of Daniel’s prophecy, yet unfulfilled, must likewise be fulfilled literally. Gabriel says, “The one that is decreed, is poured out on the one who makes desolate.” (Jesus Christ the rightful king will bring down the anti-christ forever).
The beasts end will come, as God has decreed the beasts end will come, “poured out on him, along with the false prophet he will be cast into the lake of fire, (reserved for them and Satan), when Christ returns to the earth wages war with the anti-christ defeats him and then Christ sets up the Millennial kingdom on earth. [Ref. Rev.19:20; Dan. 7:11,26].

Friday, November 28, 2008

Prophetic Times To The End - Part Eight

Dan. 9:11 Daniel again confesses that all Israel is guilty of turning away from the Law set down by God through Moses the servant of God the Father, so the curse of disobedience has been poured out upon Israel to last for the “seventy years” as Daniel has said previously.

Dan. 9:12 Daniel say’s thus, God has confirmed His words He spoke through Moses the servant of God. For disobedience of the word of God by the rulers and those who ruled Israel has brought the judgment upon them. Daniel says that under the whole heaven there has not been done such judgment as was done to Jerusalem at this time.

Dan. 9:13 Daniel confesses to God the Father that the calamity upon them is because they did not seek the favor of the Lord God by turning from their iniquity and being in God’s Word to grow to maturity.

Dan. 9:14 Daniel says the Lords compassion was great as He kept the calamity in store and brought it on us because of His righteousness, His deeds which God the Father has done for the people of Israel was forgotten and set aside as Israel did not obey God’s voice.

Dan. 9:15 Daniel say’s, and now, referring to God’s deeds for Israel, God brought His people out of the bondage of Egypt, He used a mighty hand and made a name for Himself of His people. Daniel says, as it was then, as it is now this day, His people have sinned, and have been wicked.

Dan. 9:16 Daniel prays, O Lord, knowing your righteousness, knowing your previous deeds for your people (God brought His people out of the bondage of Egypt), let now your anger and your wrath turn away from your people. Establish your Holy Temple in your Holy city; for the whole region sees the reproach of the people of Israel.

Dan. 9:17 Daniel in his prayer, asked God to listen to him his servant, to his supplications, and asked that God would be glorified, and let God’s face shine on his desolate sanctuary. That His presence among His people would be seen by all people, instead of being seen as a reproach to the regions around them as now, for God is absent from them.

Dan. 9:18 Daniels prayer continues, He says hear me my God, turn your eyes upon us and see the desolations on the city called by your name; (Daniel tells us that there are more than just himself praying for he says), we are not presenting the supplications before God on their merits or worthiness, but that they are requesting actions of God on the known works of God in years past i.e. deliverance out of Egypt, for God has had great compassion, used a mighty hand for them.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prophetic Times To The End - Part Seven

Daniel’s Prayer, and the prophecy of the seventy weeks:

Dan. 9:1 Daniel is telling us what year he is writing this prophecy. This was written when Darius the Mede was made king over the kingdom of the Chaldeans, and during his first year of reign, 539 B.C.

Dan. 9:2 Daniel goes on to tell us that during that first year he was reviewing a number of books, and what they would tell him of the number of years there would be to the completion of the desolation (or judgments) of Jerusalem according to the word of God. These books were the prophecy of the Prophet Jeremiah (ref. Jer. 25:11; 29:10). According to Daniel here in vs. 9:2 and in the reference verses we see that a week in scripture equals one year. Daniels vision was of seventy weeks, and scripture goes on to tell us that Jerusalem’s time of trouble would encompass a total of seventy years. A little background is needed here, God the Father had instituted what was known as a “Sabbatical Year”, Israel had failed to observe this sabbatical year out of greed ( ref. Lev. 25: 1-22; 26: 33-35; 2Chr. 36: 19-21). In violation of the command to make every seventh year for the land to rest for a complete year, He God brought the judgment of the Babylonian captivity upon Israel and determined the length of time for the this judgment “ seventy years”.

Dan. 9:3 Daniel say’s, so I gave my attention to the Lord God. Daniel understood that he must give himself over to the Lord so that through him the Lord could reveal to the world and Israel Daniels people what will take place down through the ages to come. Daniel then seeks God with prayer and supplications, with fasting and other customs of their teaching.

Dan. 9:4 Daniel says he sought the Lord in prayer, and he confessed his and his peoples sins to God to be in fellowship with God. Daniel said, “alas, O Lord, the Great and Awesome God, (Daniel is praising in worship and giving God the glory deserving of the most righteous One) who keeps His covenant and loving kindness for those who love Him and keep His commandments.

Dan. 9:5 Daniel tells us that he knows that his people are in exile and under bondage of another nation because they (Israel) have abandoned God and His commandments and ordinances.

Dan. 9:6 Daniel tells us he confessed to God that his people (Israel) have failed to listen to God’s servants the prophets who God used to keep the people striving to reach maturity in the Lord.

Dan. 9:7 Daniel stresses again that the righteousness belongs only to God the Father and those whom believe in the Lord. He knows that open-shame is upon all the men of Judah, the people of Jerusalem, and all Israel, as well as all the peoples that have been scattered through out the world, Daniel says of Israel’s unfaithful deeds committed against God the Father is why a lot of Daniels people have been scattered around the world.

Dan. 9:8 Daniel confesses again for himself and his people of their open shame for being in rejection of God’s commandments and ordinances.

Dan. 9:9 Daniel praises God again for God’s faithfulness, even in rebellion God the Father has compassion and forgiveness for those who repent and dwell in God’s Word for maturity.

Dan. 10:10 Daniel confesses again for himself and his people for disobeying the teachings of the Father, disobeying to walk in His presence by obeying His servants the prophets.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Prophetic Times To The End - Part Six

Prophet Times To The End - PART SIX

The interpretation of the vision, cont'd.:

Dan. 8:18 Daniel tells us he fell into a deep sleep with his face to the ground; Daniel says when Gabriel touched him it caused him to rise and stand upright. Daniel was at such a state of concern for what was happening that he passed out at the presence of the being even though Daniel initiated the request for information on his visions he had been seeing.

Dan. 8:19 Gabriel said to Daniel, “I am going to let you know what will occur at the final period of this indignation, for it pertains to the appointed time of the end of “this kingdom”.

Dan.8:20 Gabriel says the ram you saw with the two horns represents the kings of Media and Persia. The higher horn of the ram which came up last was Persia. The other horn was Media, which was only dominant at first in the appointed reign of these two regions that make up this empire.

Dan. 8:21 Gabriel tells Daniel that, the male goat represents the kingdom of Greece, and the large horn that is between his eyes is the first king (Alexander the Great).

Dan. 8:22 Gabriel shows Daniel that the broken horn is when Alexander dies, then the four horns arise to comprise the four kingdoms of Macedonia, Syria, Egypt, and Asia Minor. They arose from Alexander’s Empire, although not with his power to rule.

Dan. 8:23 Gabriel tells Daniel that in the latter period of these four kingdoms rule over the world for their appointed time, when these transgressors have finished ruling for their appointed time, a king will arise insolent and skilled in intrigue.

Dan. 8:24 Gabriel goes on to say that this kings power will be mighty, but not by his own power, but by the power of the prince of the power of the air, (Ref. Eph. 2:2) this king will corrupt to an extra ordinary degree, and will prosper and perform; This king will corrupt God’s people and other mighty men of the world at this time. (Ref. back to Dan. 8:10).

Dan. 8:25 Gabriel tells Daniel that, through this kings shrewdness he will cause deceit to succeed by his influence; in his heart he will magnify himself and destroy many while at ease. He will even oppose the Prince of Princes, (Christ Jesus), but he will be broken without human hands. (Antiochaus Epiphanes ("little horn")dies in Persia in 163 B.C. completely insane). ( God’s plan fulfilled completely bringing to close this kingdom).

Dan. 8:26 Gabriel tells Daniel that, the vision of the evenings and mornings which was told to him is true; (ref. Dan. 10:1) Gabriel tells Daniel that God the Father says keep the vision secret,for it pertains to many day’s,(ref. Ezek. 12:27)until the "time of the end".

Dan. 8:27 Daniel tells us that, he was exhausted and sick for days. Daniel got up and carried on with his present day king’s business; Daniel expresses to us that he was astounded with the vision, and that there was none to make him understand for Gabriel left to continue on with God the Fathers business.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Prophetic Times To The End - Part Five

Prophetic Times To The End – Part Five

The vision of the Ram and He-Goat:

Dan.8:11 Daniel tells us that Satan tries to magnify himself to be equal with the Prince of the host; Daniel says Satan removed the ability of Daniels people to have the regular sacrifice, and the place of God’s sanctuary was thrown down.

Dan. 8:12 Daniel tells us that because of Israel’s transgression that all of these actions will be turned over to this horn’s kingdom for the period of time granted, and his kingdom subjugate God’s holy ones until the time of retribution is completed.

Dan. 8:13 In Daniels vision he hears a holy one (an angelic watcher) speaking, and another holy one said to that particular one who is speaking, “How long will the vision to the regular sacrifice apply, while this transgression that horrifies, so as to allow both the holy place and the host to be trampled.” We see here that the two angels speaking to each other as Daniel is looking into his vision. The angels are conversing as to how long this process of desolation under this kingdom will last, and that Israel and the people of God will be ruled over by this kingdom.

Dan.8:14 Daniel heard the holy one say, “for 2,300 evenings and mornings; Then the Holy place will be properly restored.” This reference of 2,300 is a representation of each sacrifice morning and evening each day which would count at 1,150 days or three years plus 70 days. This follows the time from Antiochus desecration of the temple (Dec. 16, 167 B.C.) to the refurbishing and restoring of the temple by Judas Maccabeus in late 164 B.C. and on into 163 B.C. which fulfilled this prophecy for this appointed time.

Dan 8:15 Daniel relates that as the vision he was in was coming to a close, that he sought an understanding of what had been revealed to him. Daniel goes on to say that standing before him was one with the appearance of a man.

Dan. 8:16 Daniel hears a voice of a man by the bank of the Ulia river, and this man called out and said, “Gabriel, give this man an understanding of the vision.”

Dan. 8:17 When Gabriel came near to where Daniel was standing, Daniel says he fell on his face frightened; Gabriel then said to Daniel, “son of man, understand that the vision pertains to the end of this period of time.” This tells us that Daniel is to receive an understanding for a period of time that includes this 2300 evening and mornings under this kingdoms appointed period of time, but not of the “time of the end” which is yet to come.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Prophetic Times To The End - Part Four

Prophetic Times To The End

Daniel Chapter 8

The vision of the Ram and He-Goat:

Dan. 8:1 Daniel received a vision in the third year of the reign of Belshazzer the king, (551 B.C). This vision appeared to Daniel after his initial vision. We see that this vision was received at the end of the Babylonian reign the first world empire, as Belshazzar was the last ruler of that monarchy in the city of Babylon. (Ref. Dan. 5:29-31).

Dan. 8:2 Daniel viewed his vision and it came about that while he was watching, he found that he was at the citadel of Susa the capital city of the provience of Elam; Daniel kept watching in the vision, he found himself beside the Ulai Canal or river through the city.

Dan. 8:3 Daniel lifted up his head and while looking a ram that had two horns was standing in front of the river. Daniel says both the horns were long but one was longer than the other, with the longer horn coming up last. We know from Dan. 7 horns represent – strength, arrogant pride, and political and military powers.

Dan. 8:4 Daniel saw the ram butting westward, northward, and southward, and no other beasts could stand before him, (we see from this vision of Daniel that this individual is executing his strength, arrogant pride and political and military might toward all these regions). Daniel tells us there wasn’t anyone in these regions that could be rescued from his hand of power; Daniel says that this king did as he pleased and magnified himself and his kingdom above all. (Ref. This is the kingdom of Medo-Persia. We saw earlier as the Second world Empire in Dan. 7:5)

Dan. 8:5 Daniel kept observing in the vision before him, and he sees a male goat was coming from the west over the surface of the whole earth without touching the ground; (We can see the relevant swiftness of a leopard with four wings of birds on its back revealed to us here, even though Daniel’s vision represents at this time a male goat of great swiftness). Daniel says that the goat had a conspicuous horn between his eyes.

Dan. 8:6 Daniel sees the male goat come up to the ram that had the two horns which Daniel saw by the river. The male goat rushed at the ram in a mighty wrath. We see here two kingdoms one in place and another who is willing to take the first ones place in dominance of the Mediterranean World.

Dan. 8:7 Daniel sees the male goat come beside the ram, again he tells us the male goat was enraged at the ram; Then Daniel sees the male goat strike the ram and shatters his two horns relieving the ram of his power. The ram was hurled to the ground and trampled and Daniel says there was no one to rescue the ram from the male goat’s power and now the kingdom of Greece has been given dominion over the entire Mediterranean world. (Ref. Dan. 7:6).

Dan 8:8 Then the male goat became very strong, with an arrogant pride, and subjugated all the populace with political and military power. Daniel says that shortly after he was mighty, the large horn was broken (Alexander the Great died at the age of 32); and in “its” place (male goat) there came up four conspicuous horns toward the four winds of heaven. These kingdoms would be spread toward the four corners of the known world of the day for their appointed time to rule over their individual kingdoms.

Dan. 8:9 Daniel sees in his vision yet, and out of one of the kingdoms comes forth an individual to consume the others, (this is the little horn I related to in Dan.7) this small horn grows exceedingly great toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the Holy Land Palestine. (This prophecy was fulfilled 171-164 BC by Antiochus Epiphanies reign, who came out of Syria).

Dan. 8:10 Daniel in this segment of his vision sees a glimpse of the one who controls and influences the world leaders. Satan himself (Ref. Isa. 14:13-17) Daniel tells us that Satan caused some of the stars to fall to the earth with him at his fall from grace with God the Father. (Ref. Rev.12:4) and he trampled them down says Daniel. This refers to the nation Israel the people of God. Antiochus Epiphanies set himself up as the ruler of God’s people and made them worship him. At every step in their lives he forbade them to follow their religious practices (removing the daily sacrifice). He desecrated the temple of god, He so despised the truth contained in God’s word that the truth was said to be thrown to the ground. For he demanded for himself the authority and worship that belongs to God. We can see that from Isa. 14:13-17 that Satan is still attempting to accomplish through rulers and principalities, trying to lift himself up above God the Father.