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Prophetic Times to the End - Part Three

Daniels vision is interpreted:

Dan 7:19 Daniel says he would like to know the exact meaning of the fourth beast.

Dan 7:20 Daniel continues, and of the ten horns on the beasts head, and the other horn which came up, before which three fell, namely that horn which had eyes and a mouth uttering great things, which was larger in appearance than the others. Daniel has concern over the person and work of the individual represented by this little horn.

Dan. 7:21 Daniel is looking and keeps seeing that the horn, (represents one of the political and military powers) is waging war with the holy ones of the highest one (Jesus Christ) and overpowering them. The holy ones refer to the nation Israel. This king’s persecution of Israel will take place during the tribulation, this king will overcome (he was defeating the holy ones, as Daniel tells us) the nation Israel and will bring the nation of Israel under his authority (ref. Rev.12:13-17; 17:7).

Dan. 7:22 the third explanation Daniel says, was until the ancient of days came and convened court and pronounced judgment on the beast (Ref. Rev.19:19-20). Then Israel, God’s holy ones no longer under the rule of the little horn (a one of political and military power supernaturally controlled by Satan) will enter into her covenanted blessings in the kingdom (ref. Dan. 7:18). The church saints, i.e. believers of the church age, will also share in this kingdom, as having part in the first resurrection, will “reign with Jesus Christ for a thousand years” (Ref. Rev. 20:6).

Dan 7:23 the fourth explanation to Daniel was, that, “the fourth beast will be a fourth kingdom on earth, different from the other kingdoms, this one will devour the whole earth and tread it down and crush it. Refers to any who oppose this rule and thus anticipates a coming, one-world government under a world wide dictator.

Dan. 7:24 The angels explanation goes on to say, that, out of this kingdom ten kings will arise; and another at some period of time unknown (or at least not revealed at this time to Daniel by the angel) will arise and he will be different from the others and will root out three kings in his rise to power. We know from history that in the fifth century the hordes from the north came down and conquered the Roman Empire. At that time no world empire was set up, and this left the old empire broke up into ten nations of Europe.

Dan 7:25 the explanation goes on to say, that, the beast (or king, or ruler, or dictator the anti-christ) will speak out against the most high (God the Father). Refers: to the fact that the anti-christ will oppose God’s authority to control him. He will oppress the holy ones; i.e. Israel, and will introduce a whole new era in which he will abandon all previous laws and institute his own system upon the world. Then we are told that Israel will be given into his hands for a time, times, and half time, the second 3 ½ years, also known as the “Great Tribulation”. (Time=1 year, Times=+1yr, and half a time=6months, this formula then adds up to three and one half years of time). (Ref. Rev.12:14; Dan. 12:7) Israel rejected Jesus Christ as the messiah at his first earthly advent, and at the time of the anti-christ, is still looking or awaiting the messiah that will set up the kingdom they are awaiting for. Thus, thru the manipulation of the false prophet Israel will believe that this beast (king, ruler, or dictator) is the awaited Messiah and fall prey to his smooth talking, the anti-christ will then make a covenant with Israel for protection from the outside world. This friendly protection will last a time, times, and half a time, the first 3 ½ years, also known as the tribulation period (Ref. Dan. 9:27; Mt. 24:21). The seven year period of this verse begins after the Rapture of the church, (which will consummate God’s program in this present Age) and the seven years will continue till the return of Jesus Christ to the earth at His second advent.

Dan. 7:26 The fifth explanation to Daniel is, that, God the Fathers court will convene for divine judgment, and that the beasts dominion over the whole world will be taken away, annihilated and destroyed forever. Refers to the fourth kingdom all encompassing even the regions of the broken up Roman Empire which the little horn will emerge. All of the world the Gentile domination is smitten by the stone, “cut out of the mountains without hands,” i.e. Christ (Ref Dan. 2:44-45; 7:9) God the Fathers righteous judgment of the house of Israel for their unbelief and rejection of the Messiah is complete and the Sovereign use of the gentiles is over at the second advent of Jesus Christ. Then the second resurrection, which is of the Old Testament holy ones and the martyred saints of the tribulation will be taken into the Millennial kingdom.

Dan. 7:27 The explanation goes on to say, that, then the sovereignty, the dominion, and the greatness of all the kingdoms under the whole heaven will be given to the people the holy ones of the highest one; Christ Jesus kingdom an everlasting kingdom, and all of Christ’s holy ones and all the nations of the world will serve and obey Him. Gods covenant with Abraham will be fulfilled (Ref. Gen. 12:1-6; 13:14-17; 15:18-21) The millennium reign will last for one thousand years under the ruler ship of Jesus Christ, and will also fulfill Daniels “Seventy weeks” prophecy for the end times.

Dan. 7:28 Daniel tells us that the explanation to what he has seen in the visions has ended. Daniel goes on to say, that his thoughts were greatly alarming. He was distressing over what he knew. He goes on to say that his face grew pale, but for now he keeps these matters in his heart.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prophetic Times To The End ~ Part Two

Daniels vision is interpreted to him:

Dan. 7:10 Daniel describes a scene where thousands upon thousands of Holy ones attending to God the Father and myriads upon myriads of Holy ones standing before God the Father as God the Father prepares the court room to pronounce judgment upon the world. Daniel sees the books before God and sees as God opens the books for the proceeding of court. (Ref. Rev 20:11-15).

Dan. 7:11 Daniel says he kept watching for he could hear the sound of the boastful words of the “little horn or anti-christ” in the background; ( this is the second little horn that is yet to come, even yet today ) as Daniel kept watching he sees the beast being slain, God pronounced judgment upon the world. As God, who assigns power to kingdoms, God will also judge those kingdoms. The beast was consigned to blazing fire. ( this takes place at the end of the tribulation period the seventieth week of Daniel; the Church will be “caught up “before the tribulation period starts, this little horn also known as the anti-Christ will come on the scene in the first half of the tribulation period ) This event will terminate “the times of the Gentiles.” (Ref. Lk. 21:24, 27).

Dan. 7:12 Daniel explains that as far as the three preceding beasts their dominion had already been stripped away by the fourth beast by military conquest, Daniel also tells us each of the three, however, had been granted to live for a short time longer as their inhabitants remained under the ruler ship of the fourth beast. Scripture at this point allows the reader to conclude which of the fates of those kingdoms is most traumatic. The first three taken out by military might, or the fourth kingdom being relieved of its power by divine judgment (no extension of time for this beast as there was for the three before him, he is sent to the lake of fire right along with the false prophet and Satan eventually as Satan is locked away in the pit until the end of the millennial reign of Jesus Christ).

Dan 7:13 Daniel tells us as he watched in the night visions yet, he sees up in the clouds of heaven One like the son of man coming. Referring to Jesus Christ’s Second Advent (Ref. Mt. 24: 30). Daniel tells us Jesus Christ came up to the Ancient of Days referring to God the Father. Daniel goes on to let us know that Jesus Christ was presented before the Father at this time. Eternal dominion will be presented to Christ, and the Church (at this point called His Bride) will descend from heaven with Jesus Christ to wage war with and overcome the beast then the millennial reign will begin).

Dan. 7:14 Daniel describes the event of Jesus Christ being given dominion, glory and the kingdom by God the Father, (as all of the other kingdoms had been given over by God the Father during the “Times of the Gentiles”). That all the peoples, nations, and men of every language might serve Him. Daniel tells us that Jesus Christ will set up His dominion as an everlasting dominion, His dominion will never be conquered by another, nor will it ever pass away; Jesus Christ dominion will be on earth, (Ref. Rev. 20:1-6) also called the Millennial reign and at the end of its one thousand years on earth, Jesus Christ will surrender the kingdom over to God the Father, and after which Christ will be appointed as ruler over God’s eternal kingdom forever (Ref. 1Cor. 15:24-28).

Dan. 7:15 Daniel says, his spirit was distressed within him and these visions in my mind keep me alarmed. We must remember that we have history to relate to in understanding these words of Daniel today. Daniel was just seeing them with no reference no history to understand from, he was trying to focus on the visions in the night as to know what the Spirit of God was informing him of, to be able to inform his people of God’s plans for the nation of Israel Daniel’s primary concern during this time in Daniels life.

Dan. 7:16 In Daniels vision there were at least two beings that appeared on the scene, as Daniel says, I approached one of those who were standing by. Daniel wants to ask for an exact meaning of all he saw. Daniel says, the one told me and made known to Daniel the interpretation of the things Daniel saw: ( The angel Gabriel will now interpret these night visions to Daniel the “esteemed one” as we will see ( Ref. Dan. 8:16; 9:21 ).

Dan 7:17 The first explanation is that these great beasts, which are four in number, are four kings who will be given dominion to rule over the known world, also known as “The times of the Gentiles “.

Dan 7:18 The second explanation is that after the “divine judgment” of the fourth kingdom at the second advent of Jesus Christ, the saints or holy ones of the Highest One will receive the kingdom and that the possession of the kingdom will be for all ages to come. This reference is to the millennial reign, or the one thousand year reign of our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Prophetic Times To The End ~ Part One

DANIEL 7:1-9

Daniels vision of the Four Beasts:

Dan. 7:1 Daniel sees in a dream, visions in his mind as he lay in bed; his summary is as follows:

Dan. 7:2 Daniel in his night vision sees God’s providential actions in the affairs of men through angels. “Winds” biblically referring to angels and “sea” biblically referring to multitudes of populace, or men of the nations, and the prince of earth also known as “Satan” influences them in rule of the peoples of the nations. Scripture also tells us that when we see a reference to the "four winds of heaven", we see that God the Father is providentially setting up and removing kingdoms and or kings on the earth to propel his divine plan for man on earth.
(Ref: Jer. 23:19; 49:36; 51:1; Zech. 6:1-6; 7:14; Rev 7:1-3)

Dan. 7:3 In Daniels vision he sees four great beasts emerging from the agitated “sea“. “The Mediterranean world of that day“. Each were four kingdoms or dominions different from each other, that will rule over the nations in their appointed time.

Dan. 7:4 Daniel sees the first world empire, “Babylon“. This empire lasts for 87 years (BC 626-539). Daniel sees the image of a lion that had wings of an eagle; which represents power and strength with great swiftness. Daniel sees the wings plucked and lifted up from the ground and the beast stood on two feet like a man and was given a human mind, which suggests that the animal lost its beastly nature. He shows compassion for the rest of mankind. (Ref. Dan. 2:37-38) Nebuchadnezzer’s rule was viewed as a world empire, in which he ruled over all mankind as well as over all beasts an birds of the air. At the time of creation the right to rule over the earth was given man who was to have dominion over it, and all the creatures in it. (Ref. Gen. 1:26) Here Nebachadnezzar by “divine appointment” was helping fulfill what God had planned for man, even though man had no idea that God was manipulating the circumstances around him.

Dan. 7:5 Daniel sees the second world empire rise out of the “sea” of the populace of the Mediterranean world, Medo-Persia. This empire lasts over 200 years (BC 539-330). Daniel sees the image of like a bear and it raises up on one side suggesting that Persia dominates in the empire, and three ribs in its mouth between its teeth; Three kingdoms of which will be consumed by Medo-Persia. Daniel say’s, they said, to it, “arise“, devour much meat! The bear, an animal of formidable strength. (Ref. 1 Sam. 17:34; Amos 5:19; Hosea 13:8). This empire operates by “divine appointment” as Daniel points out when stating “They said to it;” (a reference to the Trinity) this was a “divine appointment “and the appointment was to “arise” the objective was to devour other kingdoms, extending its territory into a vast empire, the bear was fulfilling God’s purpose for the nations. These nations conquered by the Medes and Persians were Babylon, Lydia, and Egypt at the appointed times.

Dan. 7:6 Daniel sees the third world empire rise out of the “sea” of the populace of the Mediterranean world. “Greece“. This empire lasts approximately 267 years (BC 330-63).( Not all of this ruler ship was under Alexander the Great). Daniel sees the image of like a leopard with four wings of a bird on its back; the beasts also had four heads, and dominion ( “divine appointment“) was given to it. The leopard, an animal noted for its swiftness, (Ref. Hab. 1:8), cunning, and agility (Ref. Jer. 5:6;Hosea 13:7) Alexander conquered the entire Medo-Persia empire with great speed between 334-330 BC; Daniel shows us this with the image of the leopard with wings for swiftness with extra natural capacity to conquer swiftly ( remember he had “divine appointment“). Daniels beast with four heads shows us that Alexander’s empire shortly after his death at age 32 is divided up by four of his leading generals and they rule their appointed time. ( we will see a little later that a “little horn” will arise out of this empire ). ( “Hint” Ref. Dan. 8:9 )

Dan. 7:7 Daniel sees the fourth world empire arise, “Rome“. This empire formally runs 539 years. From BC 63 - AD 476 ( we should note that during this time our Lord and savior was born of a Virgin, A.D. 3 ). Daniels vision of the fourth beast, he says dreadful and terrifying and extremely strong; it has large Iron teeth. Daniel says it devoured and crushed and trampled down the remainder with its feet; ( by “divine appointment” as well ) Daniel describes the Roman empire destroying the established dominion in place at that time( this would be the “little horn” I eluted to above ). Then the Roman empire trampled underfoot whatever was left. Rome in its cruel conquest swallowed up the lands and peoples that had been parts of the three previous empires ( Babylon, Medo-Persia, and Greece ) and assimilated those lands and peoples into itself. ( This is the mixture of Iron and Clay and ten toes, the “clay” tells us that a weakness comes into the empire, all of these different peoples could not be completely united the empire remained un-united always rebellious against Rome). Daniel goes on to say that this beast ( influenced by Satan )was different from those that were before it, and that it had ten horns.

Dan. 7:8 Daniel sees the final form of the fourth world empire; the ten kings and the little horn ( a second little horn not the same one mentioned above ). Daniel says while he was studying the horns yet another horn, a little one, came up among them, and three of the first horns were pulled out by the roots before it; Daniel goes on to say that this horn or Beast possessed eyes like eyes of a man, and a mouth uttering great things(anti-christ). The Roman Empire was characterized by division (because of the mixture of clay a division in time of 10 kingdoms will result ), which meant deterioration. It was partly strong and partly brittle. Daniel continues with, that out of the 10 horns came a little one and in its growth it was able to uproot three of the existing horns. We need to understand that in the 5th century AD the hordes from the north conquered the Roman empire of that day, they did not unite to form an empire. Some of those nations (10) and others stemming from them have continued till the present day. Therefore the present age is the 10-horned era of the fourth beast. Sometime after the rise of the 10 horns; (no clue was given to Daniel as to how much later in time the little horn will appear vs. 8) Daniel says another king (the little horn) will arise. When this king arises to power he will bring 3 of the 10 nations under his authority and power ( has not happened yet, as the Church age is still running its course under the direction of Jesus Christ with the comforter the Holy Spirit ). Daniel let us know the little horn is noted for his intelligence (it has eyes of a man) and it blasphemous claims (it has a mouth that spoke great things against God the Father).

Dan. 7:9 Daniels vision leads him to seeing thrones being set up, and Daniel sees God the Father take His seat on the Throne. Daniel also lets us know that this is the Sovereign God who exercises control over men and nations. God’s white clothing and hair speak of His Holiness. Daniel describes the throne chariot of God borne by cherubim. (Ref. Ezk. 1: 4-28). Daniel describes as did Ezekiel that God looked like glowing metal and fire. They could only see His form as God’s glory is so bright. Both Daniel and Ezekiel describe in the terms of “appearance” and “Likeness“, that neither had seen God directly. That would have caused immediate death. (Ref Ex. 33: 18-23; John 1:1).

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The Study of Daniel - Outline

Prophetic Times of the End - Part 1-16
Daniels Seventieth Week and the Tribulation

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The Book of Revelation, also called Revelation to John, Apocalypse of John (pronounced [əˈpɒkəlɨps], from the Greek: Ἀποκάλυψις Ἰωάννου, Apokálypsis Iōánnou), and Revelation of Jesus Christ is the last canonical book of the New Testament in the Christian Bible. It is the only biblical book that is wholly composed of apocalyptic literature. Other apocalypses popular in the early Christian era did not achieve canonical status, except for 2 Esdras (Apocalypse of Ezra), which is canonical in the Ethiopian Orthodox Churches.