Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prophetic Times To The End ~ Part Two

Daniels vision is interpreted to him:

Dan. 7:10 Daniel describes a scene where thousands upon thousands of Holy ones attending to God the Father and myriads upon myriads of Holy ones standing before God the Father as God the Father prepares the court room to pronounce judgment upon the world. Daniel sees the books before God and sees as God opens the books for the proceeding of court. (Ref. Rev 20:11-15).

Dan. 7:11 Daniel says he kept watching for he could hear the sound of the boastful words of the “little horn or anti-christ” in the background; ( this is the second little horn that is yet to come, even yet today ) as Daniel kept watching he sees the beast being slain, God pronounced judgment upon the world. As God, who assigns power to kingdoms, God will also judge those kingdoms. The beast was consigned to blazing fire. ( this takes place at the end of the tribulation period the seventieth week of Daniel; the Church will be “caught up “before the tribulation period starts, this little horn also known as the anti-Christ will come on the scene in the first half of the tribulation period ) This event will terminate “the times of the Gentiles.” (Ref. Lk. 21:24, 27).

Dan. 7:12 Daniel explains that as far as the three preceding beasts their dominion had already been stripped away by the fourth beast by military conquest, Daniel also tells us each of the three, however, had been granted to live for a short time longer as their inhabitants remained under the ruler ship of the fourth beast. Scripture at this point allows the reader to conclude which of the fates of those kingdoms is most traumatic. The first three taken out by military might, or the fourth kingdom being relieved of its power by divine judgment (no extension of time for this beast as there was for the three before him, he is sent to the lake of fire right along with the false prophet and Satan eventually as Satan is locked away in the pit until the end of the millennial reign of Jesus Christ).

Dan 7:13 Daniel tells us as he watched in the night visions yet, he sees up in the clouds of heaven One like the son of man coming. Referring to Jesus Christ’s Second Advent (Ref. Mt. 24: 30). Daniel tells us Jesus Christ came up to the Ancient of Days referring to God the Father. Daniel goes on to let us know that Jesus Christ was presented before the Father at this time. Eternal dominion will be presented to Christ, and the Church (at this point called His Bride) will descend from heaven with Jesus Christ to wage war with and overcome the beast then the millennial reign will begin).

Dan. 7:14 Daniel describes the event of Jesus Christ being given dominion, glory and the kingdom by God the Father, (as all of the other kingdoms had been given over by God the Father during the “Times of the Gentiles”). That all the peoples, nations, and men of every language might serve Him. Daniel tells us that Jesus Christ will set up His dominion as an everlasting dominion, His dominion will never be conquered by another, nor will it ever pass away; Jesus Christ dominion will be on earth, (Ref. Rev. 20:1-6) also called the Millennial reign and at the end of its one thousand years on earth, Jesus Christ will surrender the kingdom over to God the Father, and after which Christ will be appointed as ruler over God’s eternal kingdom forever (Ref. 1Cor. 15:24-28).

Dan. 7:15 Daniel says, his spirit was distressed within him and these visions in my mind keep me alarmed. We must remember that we have history to relate to in understanding these words of Daniel today. Daniel was just seeing them with no reference no history to understand from, he was trying to focus on the visions in the night as to know what the Spirit of God was informing him of, to be able to inform his people of God’s plans for the nation of Israel Daniel’s primary concern during this time in Daniels life.

Dan. 7:16 In Daniels vision there were at least two beings that appeared on the scene, as Daniel says, I approached one of those who were standing by. Daniel wants to ask for an exact meaning of all he saw. Daniel says, the one told me and made known to Daniel the interpretation of the things Daniel saw: ( The angel Gabriel will now interpret these night visions to Daniel the “esteemed one” as we will see ( Ref. Dan. 8:16; 9:21 ).

Dan 7:17 The first explanation is that these great beasts, which are four in number, are four kings who will be given dominion to rule over the known world, also known as “The times of the Gentiles “.

Dan 7:18 The second explanation is that after the “divine judgment” of the fourth kingdom at the second advent of Jesus Christ, the saints or holy ones of the Highest One will receive the kingdom and that the possession of the kingdom will be for all ages to come. This reference is to the millennial reign, or the one thousand year reign of our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ.