Thursday, November 13, 2008

Prophetic Times To The End - Part Six

Prophet Times To The End - PART SIX

The interpretation of the vision, cont'd.:

Dan. 8:18 Daniel tells us he fell into a deep sleep with his face to the ground; Daniel says when Gabriel touched him it caused him to rise and stand upright. Daniel was at such a state of concern for what was happening that he passed out at the presence of the being even though Daniel initiated the request for information on his visions he had been seeing.

Dan. 8:19 Gabriel said to Daniel, “I am going to let you know what will occur at the final period of this indignation, for it pertains to the appointed time of the end of “this kingdom”.

Dan.8:20 Gabriel says the ram you saw with the two horns represents the kings of Media and Persia. The higher horn of the ram which came up last was Persia. The other horn was Media, which was only dominant at first in the appointed reign of these two regions that make up this empire.

Dan. 8:21 Gabriel tells Daniel that, the male goat represents the kingdom of Greece, and the large horn that is between his eyes is the first king (Alexander the Great).

Dan. 8:22 Gabriel shows Daniel that the broken horn is when Alexander dies, then the four horns arise to comprise the four kingdoms of Macedonia, Syria, Egypt, and Asia Minor. They arose from Alexander’s Empire, although not with his power to rule.

Dan. 8:23 Gabriel tells Daniel that in the latter period of these four kingdoms rule over the world for their appointed time, when these transgressors have finished ruling for their appointed time, a king will arise insolent and skilled in intrigue.

Dan. 8:24 Gabriel goes on to say that this kings power will be mighty, but not by his own power, but by the power of the prince of the power of the air, (Ref. Eph. 2:2) this king will corrupt to an extra ordinary degree, and will prosper and perform; This king will corrupt God’s people and other mighty men of the world at this time. (Ref. back to Dan. 8:10).

Dan. 8:25 Gabriel tells Daniel that, through this kings shrewdness he will cause deceit to succeed by his influence; in his heart he will magnify himself and destroy many while at ease. He will even oppose the Prince of Princes, (Christ Jesus), but he will be broken without human hands. (Antiochaus Epiphanes ("little horn")dies in Persia in 163 B.C. completely insane). ( God’s plan fulfilled completely bringing to close this kingdom).

Dan. 8:26 Gabriel tells Daniel that, the vision of the evenings and mornings which was told to him is true; (ref. Dan. 10:1) Gabriel tells Daniel that God the Father says keep the vision secret,for it pertains to many day’s,(ref. Ezek. 12:27)until the "time of the end".

Dan. 8:27 Daniel tells us that, he was exhausted and sick for days. Daniel got up and carried on with his present day king’s business; Daniel expresses to us that he was astounded with the vision, and that there was none to make him understand for Gabriel left to continue on with God the Fathers business.