Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Prophetic Times To The End - Daniel - Part 12

End Times Daniel 10 pt. 3

Conflict: holy and unholy angels

Dan. 10:16 Daniel is astonished, he says one with a likeness of sons of man touched his lips; then Daniel opened his mouth and spoke, and said to the angel who was standing before him, Daniel said “O my lord, (like we would address someone today as sir) Daniel as a result of the vision given says my pains have come upon me, (Daniel was experiencing anguish) Daniel stress level is consuming his strength. This is due to understanding of the sufferings his people will have to undergo until the time of retribution is over according to the vision given.

Dan. 10:17 Daniel asks a question of his visitor out of respect to him, Daniel wants to know how he should be able to speak with a servant of God with such high esteem that Daniel sees in him. Daniel says for himself there remains yet no strength in him nor any breath been left in him at present. Daniel was left totally debilitated and gasping for breath out of the understanding of the vision from God about the coming sufferings of his people.

Dan. 10:18 Daniel tells us that the one with likeness of sons of man in appearance touched him again and strengthened him. To meet Daniels need the angel quieted the alarm in Daniels heart, and strengthened him physically and emotionally allowing Daniel to be ready to receive the message yet to come.

Dan. 10:19 the angel said to Daniel, “O man of desirability in the presence of God the Father, Daniel do not be afraid. Peace be with you Daniel; take courage and be courageous!” Daniel said, as soon as the angel spoke to him, he received strength and said, “May my lord speak, for you have strengthened me.”

Dan. 10:20 The angel said to Daniel, “Do you Daniel understand why I (angel) came to you? Gabriel the angel says he has to return and contend with his satanic counterpart the prince of Persia and he must be ready for the prince of Greece another of Satan’s demons. What Gabriel will have to contend with is about to come on the scene as in the Plan of God the kingdom of Medo-Persia is about to expire and the kingdom of Greece to have dominion. The angel Gabriel told Daniel God’s plan for Israel under Persia and Greece and for on later in the Tribulation and the Millennium. For Daniel was living under the exile in Babylon at present and only need to have the times yet explained.

Dan. 10:21 Gabriel said, “However, I have revealed what is inscribed in the writing of truth to you Daniel. Gabriel tells Daniel that the prince of Daniels people, Michael firmly stands with him against Israel’s enemies until the end of the “times of the gentiles.” Michael, as being your prince Daniel, in this verse tells us that he has a special relationship with the Nation Israel under God’s divine Plan.