Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prophetic Times To The End - Part Seven

Daniel’s Prayer, and the prophecy of the seventy weeks:

Dan. 9:1 Daniel is telling us what year he is writing this prophecy. This was written when Darius the Mede was made king over the kingdom of the Chaldeans, and during his first year of reign, 539 B.C.

Dan. 9:2 Daniel goes on to tell us that during that first year he was reviewing a number of books, and what they would tell him of the number of years there would be to the completion of the desolation (or judgments) of Jerusalem according to the word of God. These books were the prophecy of the Prophet Jeremiah (ref. Jer. 25:11; 29:10). According to Daniel here in vs. 9:2 and in the reference verses we see that a week in scripture equals one year. Daniels vision was of seventy weeks, and scripture goes on to tell us that Jerusalem’s time of trouble would encompass a total of seventy years. A little background is needed here, God the Father had instituted what was known as a “Sabbatical Year”, Israel had failed to observe this sabbatical year out of greed ( ref. Lev. 25: 1-22; 26: 33-35; 2Chr. 36: 19-21). In violation of the command to make every seventh year for the land to rest for a complete year, He God brought the judgment of the Babylonian captivity upon Israel and determined the length of time for the this judgment “ seventy years”.

Dan. 9:3 Daniel say’s, so I gave my attention to the Lord God. Daniel understood that he must give himself over to the Lord so that through him the Lord could reveal to the world and Israel Daniels people what will take place down through the ages to come. Daniel then seeks God with prayer and supplications, with fasting and other customs of their teaching.

Dan. 9:4 Daniel says he sought the Lord in prayer, and he confessed his and his peoples sins to God to be in fellowship with God. Daniel said, “alas, O Lord, the Great and Awesome God, (Daniel is praising in worship and giving God the glory deserving of the most righteous One) who keeps His covenant and loving kindness for those who love Him and keep His commandments.

Dan. 9:5 Daniel tells us that he knows that his people are in exile and under bondage of another nation because they (Israel) have abandoned God and His commandments and ordinances.

Dan. 9:6 Daniel tells us he confessed to God that his people (Israel) have failed to listen to God’s servants the prophets who God used to keep the people striving to reach maturity in the Lord.

Dan. 9:7 Daniel stresses again that the righteousness belongs only to God the Father and those whom believe in the Lord. He knows that open-shame is upon all the men of Judah, the people of Jerusalem, and all Israel, as well as all the peoples that have been scattered through out the world, Daniel says of Israel’s unfaithful deeds committed against God the Father is why a lot of Daniels people have been scattered around the world.

Dan. 9:8 Daniel confesses again for himself and his people of their open shame for being in rejection of God’s commandments and ordinances.

Dan. 9:9 Daniel praises God again for God’s faithfulness, even in rebellion God the Father has compassion and forgiveness for those who repent and dwell in God’s Word for maturity.

Dan. 10:10 Daniel confesses again for himself and his people for disobeying the teachings of the Father, disobeying to walk in His presence by obeying His servants the prophets.